Friday, June 30, 2006

Go Forth and Read Fanfic!

Hiya everyone, Its Ashley. I know Amanda and I have probably mentioned before that we LOVE fanfiction. A lot of you who read HP fanfiction probably has already heard of Cassandra Claire and her Draco trilogy. Its absolutely FABULOUS. It has everything that anyone could possibly ask for from a work of fiction. I perhaps think that her stories are better than the books themselves. (cannon purest scream) She is a terrific writer and her story is so in depth, with a strong plot and a web of sub plots to keep the story interesting the whole time. She also has the fantastic ability to breath life into fictional characters, giving them heart, emotion, unique and defining qualities, and make each so well developed that you can believe everything that they do or say. I would attempt to give you all a summary of it, but I would only fail misserably to do it justice. Better yet, Cassandra has also signed a publishing deal, and is having another trilogy she wrote come out to the public sometime in early 2007. The series is entitle Mortal Instruments. If you haven't already started reading her Fanfic trilogy, do your self a favor and go forth and read. I'll put up links to the story and to her blog later today.

P.S. -- "I show not your face, but your hearts desire."

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ok..... So here's my theory.....

Harry must die, (A giant gasp from all the HP fans) and not because of this circulating mumbo jumbo that J.K. Rowling doesen't want some other author to write sequeals about her, now famous, boy wizarding wonder. Ok.... lets all think real far back for a minute, when Voldie gave harry his trade mark scar some of his essence passed over to the boy wonder, Voldemort was broken, dissapated into nothingness, barely alive. A strong connection was born, a part of Voldie was passed onto Harry through his scar. In a way Harry and Voldemort became one and the same, because they were so closely attached, to the extent we later find out that Voldemort can even see into Harry's thoughts and dreams. So would it not make sense that there is a big possibility that one cannot survive with out the other, one cannot live if the other is to die, because they are each such a large part of the other. In theory is it not also possible that Harry himself is the last horcux, the last part of Voldemorts soul? I mean this would explain why it weakened Voldie so severeley, because he had transfered all that he had left of himself. If this is the case, to destroy Voldemort, Harry must destroy himself. I speak for myself on this one though, I don't know if Amanda would agree with me. (though I think she would)


You heart has just broken....*tear*.... headline reads as follows..."Two characters killed off in final Potter book, Author hints that Harry himself might be among characters to die"...owe no it can't be....I hope its not one of my favorites... As all you big HP dorks out there know JKR has had these books in her head since before some of us were born. She said she wrote the final chapter sometime around 1990 so its not like she is doing this just to make sure HP ends with no un-wanted sequels pop-up in the woodwork (and to break our hearts...) So don't send any hate-mail to Rowling....please! JK said that she hasn't completed that last book yet, but she is well on her way. I can't wait!!!...but then I don't want it to end....I'm so torn. There is no definite release date for the book yet (not even 7/7/07)....but on a lighter note...Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes out in theaters on July 13, 2007 (YAY...Friday the 13th)...The usual characters still apply, along with Ralph Fiennes as oldie Voldie (again) and introducing Imelda Staunton as the DADA Professor/headmistress/and Wizengamot member we all love to hate. This should be exciting news for some of you, I know I can't wait for the twins payback in the next movie, but for those of you who are Sirius fans I give you my remorse.

P.S.--"I Show Not Your Face But Your Hearts Desire."

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hi Everyone. We're Ashley and Amanda. We're high school seniors and we're big Harry Potter fans (dorks). Check in with us periodically to read our book theories, fanfiction and fanart links (Ash might even upload some of her drawings), music lyrics, awesome quotes, and just our random crazy thoughts. You're welcome to join in on our discussions (rantings) and if you have any interesting...anything....we would love to hear from you. PLEASE NO CREEPY PEOPLE!!!

P.S.--"I Show Not Your Face But Your Hearts Desire."

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